Robonson Crusoe and resource depletion

The Libertarian Buddhist, another WordPress blogger, uses the example of Robinson Crusoe to show how saving can allow the time to make equipment which allows more saving and makes life easier in that he can more efficiently knock the coconuts off the trees.

It is an interesting argument although I have two concerns.

The first is that rather than working all the time Crusoe might want to and might be wise to take time to lay on the beach or create some art work or sing a song.

The second concern is that eventually he will knock down and eat all the coconuts and then he has a serious problem.

It could well be that current economic problems are because we are near that situation ourselves. We have been using up a lot of resources, some of which are non-renewable. As we use the resources which are easiest to harvest, it takes more time and energy to get what is left. With an ever-increasing population we may have a problem just as serious as the one facing Crusoe.

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