Macrowikionomics: talking ourselves out of recession

Here is a link to  an excerpt from a new book which HuffingtonPost describes as an “important new book” and “A masterpiece. An iconic and defining book for our time.” To me it sounds like just another attempt to talk ourselves out of economic problems.

The authors say current problems are because “The world is broken and the industrial economy and many of its industries and organizations have finally run out of gas, from newspapers and old models of financial services to our energy grid, transportation systems and institutions for global cooperation and problem solving.”  and  because of “misguided policies and approaches.”  They go on to recognize the seriousness of current and future economic problems.

However it is not clear to me their  solutions deal with the realities.  How will “a new modus operandi based on new principles like transparency, integrity and collaboration” solve food or fiancnaial crisis or problems of resource depletion?


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