Financing Jack the robot

The high costs of some medical treatment is an issue.  A recent news item reported a procedure which cost $93,000 and extended life expectancy by four or five months.  An recent article in the Vancouver Sun reports on a $3 million surgical robot for which future operating funding is uncertain.  A friend of ours reports the new cancer medication she is taking would leave her bankrupt if she weren’t a test cast.

If we can expect the recent economic growth trend to continue unabated after the current short recession, then we should all expect to receive the lasted medical treatment.  However, if the current depression is the start of an extended down  trend or even a levelling of the economy, then not everybody will be able to have the most up-to-date treatment.  (See my post on Economic policy, least squares and the Elliott wave.)

Personally I try to get some exercise, eat mostly healthy food, balanced by some not so healthy food, and hope that when my turn comes I will be able to accept it gracefully

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