Job prospects for young people and grandchildren

This week’s issue of The Economist on jobs has left me feeling down and discouraged, especially the article on youth employment.

I was born in Western Canada during the 1940s and except for three years in England and Belgium I have lived here all my life.  This means most of my life has been lived through an unprecidented period of prosperity and in one of the most prosperous corners of the planet.  There is now reason to fear that prosperity is coming to an end.

At my age the end of prosperity will not be terribly serious but  my grandchildren are coming into their school years – one grandson started kindergarten yesterday – and I fear for their prospects and the future of all the young people throughout the world.

If we lived in a perfect world it should be possible to rearrange our economy so that most people could continue to live comfortable and fulfilling lives.   However, most of us most of the time think and act in our own short-term interests as opposed to our own long-term interests let alone the long-term interests of everyone.

I consider myself and my generation to be extremely lucky in the time and place in which we happened to be born and raised.

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