Initiating relationships and sexual harassment

The following was posted on The Economist website as a comment to an article on sexual harassment in issue of Nov.  12.


Maybe the initiation of relationships may not be the way some people would have us believe.

Some years ago some sociologists did a study on this topic.

The researchers found that generally women initiated relationships.   If a woman saw a guy in whom she figured she might be interested she placed herself in a position to be noticed and get into conversation.

An interesting point of this research was that the first touch was important and it had to be made by the women. If a man made the first touch that was usually the end.

Since reading about this I have been very sensitive to being touched by women and I have been surprised at how often it has happened.

It appears that generally women like to control relationships.  Perhaps sexual harassment should be defined as a man trying to initiate a relationship by touching.  The more touching, the greater the harassment.  In our patriarchal society only women are allowed to initiate relationships.

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