Comparing economies

The New Years eve edition of The Economist has an article speculating how long it will be before China overtakes the United States as the world’s largest economy.

Do we really need to be so competitive?   Does it really matter which country produces the most guns and butter?

If we are going to evaluate or compare countries there may be other  interesting ways to do so.  Here are my suggestions for some questions to ask.

How many hours a week do we need to “work” the standard of living we desire and how many do we actually work?

To what extent do we “work” to support the goals and ambitions of others?

To what extent are we able to follow our own non economic interests whether they be music, art, watching television, writing about economics or vegging in the sun?

To what extent are we subject to pressure from others regarding values, morals, religion or sexuality?

To what extent are able to enjoy our sexuality in our own way and to the extent we wish?


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