Facebook, advertising and social control

This week’s issue of The Economist has an article and an editorial about facebook.

I have two concerns about this facebook thing – that it is all based on advertising and that there is potential for terrible social control.

Our well-being, or perhaps it is the well-being of the one percent, depends up advertising which depends upon people consuming a lot of goods and services whether they need them or not.

Maybe we should be looking for a post-consumer economy – one which would be less dependent upon commodities and resources and one in which most people could get their life satisfactions from artistic, religious or real social interactions.

With all that personal data in one place there will be a great potential for social control.  I understand the police are already using facebook to catch criminals and employers are using it to evaluate potential employees.

Someday we may be faced with a government that wants to legislate religion, morals, values and sexuality  Then won’t police have a field day with help of all the information on facebook and the rest of the internet.


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