The recession scapegoat list

The economics editor of The Guardian has published a long list of the people he claimes are responsible for the recession.  The list includes many high and mighty  including for a former British prime minister, a former U.S. president,  and a couple of central bank bosses.

I don’t  like  the idea of defending these guys, nor do I like usuing people as scapegoats.  One should remember the Indian prayer that one should not criticize another until one has walked a mile in that person’s mocassins.

Most of the names on the list are those of people who are figureheads acting on behalf of the people below them, including most of us.  These people are subjected to lots of lobbying and don’t always have the ability to do what they want.

The recession has most likely been caused by resource depletion, or at least the depletion of those resources most easily accessible and for this most of us are to blame.  Most of us have wanted a good life with lots of things such as computers, nice homes and great holidays.  And we have demanded high returns on our investments and savings.

No doubt the people on the list have made mistakes and acted in the best interests of themselves and their friends.  But the rest of us should also carry some of the blame.

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