The health and economics of smart meters

A flunky from a contractor to B.C. Hydro came by yesterday and installed a smart meter to monitor our electricity use.

A few minutes later my wife went to her quilting club at the local community hall.  On her return, as usual,  I asked about the gossip in our rural community. Of course the talk was about smart meters and the refusal of some people to allow the installation of these meters.  One lady missed the session so she could ensure the meter was not installed.

There appear to be two concerns – health from radiation and it may be a way for B.C. Hydro to grab more money.

Radiation may or may not be a problem but I know we surround ourselves with lots of devices that emit radiation and electro-magnetic fields. I have for some years been saying electricity is the root cause of cancer because cancer is a lifestyle disease and our lifestyle is based on electricity.

If people are concerned about high electricity rates they should tackle the  company on its bureaucracy and the salaries paid to employees.

In theory smart meters should reduce costs partly through not having to pay meter readers.  The big benefit should come from time-of-day pricing  By encouraging people to use power at off-peak times, the company should be able to reduce its need for more generating capacity. In British Columbia that means we may be able to avoid another hydro dam on a river.

People who refuse the smart meters could end up paying more for their electricity.  The company could charge them extra for meter reading and when time-of-day pricing is introduced they would certainly have to pay the top price for all their electricity.


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  1. Regarding your letter to the editor in the August 8th Okanagan Advertiser supporting BC Hydro in their installation of smart meters, we have to disagree. We attended a public forum held in Enderby July 18 that gave a much broader explanation of what is happening. There is a three part video posted on You Tube that allows you to watch the presentation in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We highly recommend you watch the entire presentation to hear the real story. (CSTinBC on You Tube)

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