Rio+20, green economics, sustainable growth

One of the major news events of this week is a festival of hot air known as Rio+20 or Rio+20 United Nations sustainable development conference.  I predict the major legacy of this event will be a contribution to global warming.

I think this conference will be a statement of blind faith that economic growth can continue if we call it green or sustainable – and change the faces of the decision makers.  I cannot share that faith.

The discussions will appear to center on the question: Is the goal  to harness economic forces in service to the environment or to harness the environment in service to powerful economic interests?  However a more basic question will probably be who gets to make decisions the “powerful economic interests” or environmental activists.

However if the activists were to get into a position of power they would probably find their decisions being  based on debts that had to be repaid and special interests that had to be protected.

It may be that continued economic growth is not going to happen, in which case these arguments are not relevant.

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