The wisdom of a declining European fertility rate

The current issue of The Economist reports with some alarm that the European fertility rate is declining with the economic crisis.  It may be that young people have more wisdom than those who want the population to continue increasing.

Back in October of 2010 the World Wildlife Fund issued its Living Planet Report.

This report claims our ecological footprint exceeds the earths biocapacity by 50 percent and that by 2030 we will need two earths to support sustainable life on the planet.

Even if this report is exaggerated over population has to be a serious concern.  The more we increase the population the more resources will be consumed and the sooner there will be a major ecological and economic collapse.

The challenge is to rearrange our economic activity so that everyone can have comfortable life without the need for continued economic growth.

Population is a difficult and sensitive issue.  An interesting discussion of population limits is found in Raymond Firth’s book We the Tikopia.  Some excerpts from the chapter on population are on this  weblog.


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  1. Who will look after the oldies? With one child families or no child families the massive cost will be put on the State.

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