An excess of energy from the sun

In a comment on this weblog  Robert Dagg Murphy makes some  interesting points.

That we are using only a tiny portion of the energy from the sun is a valid point.  A breakthrough in the use of solar energy would certain change the outlook.

I figure we are currently using solar energy concentrated in the form of oil, coal and wood.

I like to say my wife and I live on a 53-acre solar collector.  We have in the past used wood from our property although the last few years we have burned industrial waste.

Murphy’s comment that “High unemployment is a sign of success” reminds me of a passage in the book Social Credit by C. H. Douglas, a British engineer and published in 1924.

He pointed out that technological developments freed people from drudgery and allowed then time to do other things.  If only we had allowed that to happen.

I read this book some years ago and the last time I looked I was unable to find the passage.

This book was picked up and adapted by a radio preacher in Alberta who started a political party and became premier of that province.  British Columbia also elected a Social Credit government but these governments soon forgot all about Douglas.


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