Decision making and subsidies for bio fuels

In spite of low prices for shale gas there appear to be increasing concerns about energy availability.

We need energy to keep our bodies alive and we need energy to operate the machines upon which we depend. All energy comes from the sun and we use it in different forms for food and fuel.

The problem comes when the same form of energy can be used for both  as is the case with bio fuels such as corn and sugar.  Who is to decide the balance?

Some people concerned about fuel shortages have sought and been given subsides for bio fuels.

The chairman of Nestle, wanting people to buy more of his processed food products is complaining about the subsidies as they appear to be contributing to high food prices.

So long as the subsidies continue the balance is being determined by some politician and/or bureaucrat.

If there were no subsidies you and I would be making the decision in our shopping  decisions.

As we live a 45-minute drive from the store where we do most of our shopping our decisions would probably be different from yours. If all government subsidies for all products were to be dropped we would probably have to make some major lifestyle changes.

Even so, I repeat that subsidies should be given to consumers rather than producers.


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One Response

  1. Any subsidy is a distortion. Bio-fuels will disappear in the medium term when cars are propelled by small fusion engines, (Yes they have been invented – see eFusion)

    However subsidising the conversion of food into fuel does force up world food prices. the poor suffer to put money onto the pockets of rich corporations.

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