The U.S. election – meanness or dominance

As a Canadian I have been trying to ignore the U.S. election.   However when I saw where some libertarian market economics people were excited about the appointment of Paul Ryan as the vice-presidential candidate I decided to have a little look.

What I found is that while Ryan supports a market economy and smaller government he has proposed a 16 per cent reduction in U.S. spending on social programs.  This goes against my belief that we should have a collective responsibility to ensure everyone has the opportunity for the same standard of living as everyone else.

Another concern is that this reinforces the view that market economics is heartless and mean-spirited.   An income support scheme of some sort has to be an essential part of market economics.

On the other side of the political divide there are a lot of people who appear to believe they have a right to tell others how to live their lives.  One would expect these people to support a political party that promised to interfere in the economy and people’s lives.

So there you have it – a choice between dominance and meanness.  If I were American I would probably deliberately spoil my ballot.

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  1. There will be violence on US streets by 2020. I ma not sounding off. The new mathematical hstorians predict this as a consequence of the increasing divisions in US society. They have seen this before many times in periods going back to the roman Empire. In fact this is a regular recurrence.

    The poor will hate the rich and take violent action.

    Why 2020? Aparrently ther is a lag. Society accumulates habits which are hard to throw off, including hope for improvement and respect for law and order. It will take a new generation to throw these habits of and demand redistribution – or else.

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