Criteria for a health care plan


With health care likely to become a big issue in the U.S. election and an issue in many other countries here are three points against which I would want included in   a health care plan

First I believe we should have a collective responsibility to ensure all citizens have the opportunity to experience the same standard of living as all other citizens.  That includes health care

The second is that we should be able to make our own lifestyle decisions. Most if not all of us do and eat things which are long-term detrimental to our health and all of us have to take the consequences of those decisions.

The third is that quite a few years ago The Economist reported that 80 per cent of health care spending is in the last six months of life.  This should not be included in our collective responsibility although if a person or family has to resources and wants to go there they should be allowed.

Some years ago there was a story that the Chinese paid their doctors so long as they were healthy.  When they got sick the treatment started and the payments ended. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this concept could be incorporated into a health care plan.


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One Response

  1. The Chinese plan is an excellent idea, but resistance by the western medical profession will prevent this being implemented. I am sure doctors look forward to your last six months of life!

    The best working ‘model’ is not the UK, Canada or France but Australia. a mixture of private and public, and GP’s being ‘incentivised’ by a public subsidy with private health care kicking in at higher levels.

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