Rape and the battle of the sexes

This one is a little off topic but if The Economist can run an article on rape, then I can comment on it.

Most of us  are sexual people to some extent or the other and in some way or the other.  thus there are a lot of variations.   The variations could include men who want their partners to be willing and women who want a little bit of force.

Rape is only one part of the battle of the sexes.   There are a lot of women who are liars, selfish,  inconsiderate, or dominate and these women can cause a lot of grief to their partners, probably even more so if marriage is involved.

Recently while on a cruise we took an excursion to a native village.   Having had some experience with natives in British Columbia where it has been said some 90 per cent of the people have experienced sexual abuse, I was wondering if these natives had similar experiences.

On the bus ride to this village we were told that by the age of 14 most of the girls had two children.  It would appear that sexual abuse just did not exist for them.

I consider it wrong to force one’s sexual values, morals or practices upon others.

There is an old “Confucius say” line that rape is impossible because a woman can  run faster with her pants up than a man with his pants down


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2 Responses

  1. Modern economists have worked out the price of virginity. In the US it has a price over $100,000.

    Of course a sizable proportion of girls give it away. But a higher proprtion exact a price – marriage, a house, and of course children. In present value terms this works out over a million dollars, so this raises the average price.

    It may not be ‘womens lib’ to say this, but it is always interesting to watch the number of ‘kept women’ with short cut grey hair trotting self satisfied after their husbands. No doubt counting the number of grand children.

    Yes, sex and virginity is a valuable commodity. Rape is the equivalent of major robbery, whether or not conducted with violence.

  2. “On the bus ride to this village we were told that by the age of 14 most of the girls had two children. It would appear that sexual abuse just did not exist for them.” With all due respect, what a load of codswallop! Did you ask those fourteen year old girls if they had any choice in the matter of having numerous kids at such a young age?

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