Long-gone cedar trees


We’ve been on holidays for a few days and I was determined and mostly successful to not think about economics.  The exception was that there were a number of old cedar trunks around our campsite on Arrow Lake in the British Columbia interior.

I took these as a reminder of how we are using up our resources.

I know little about trees but stumps like these and often larger are found throughout the wetter parts of British Columbia.  The average lifespan of Western Red Cedars is between 600 and 900 years.  These may not have been that old but it is likely going to take into the hundreds of years to replace them.

Here in British Columbia we are lucky that one of our major resources can grow again even if it takes a long time.  We also have fish, minerals and gas.  We may be able to restore our fish but once depleted the other two will be gone.



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