Rounding up glyphosates

I had never heard of glyphosates until my wife brought home a copy of the Western Producer, a weekly newspaper for the farmers of Western Canada.

It turns out glyphosates are a herbicide also known as Roundup and used around the world.  The article which  caught my attention reported that the demand for this is expected to double over the next five years.

This herbicide is used because it is less toxic than the other alternatives.  However, some people, such as the Sierra Club Canada, have some concerns and point out the studies which say it is acceptable exclude any analysis of the other ingredients.  Another issues is that some weeds are developing a resistance to it.

Personally, I am not much interested in evaluating the technical features of this chemical but I also believe it is much too important to be left to people who make a living using it.

We should also recognize that with seven billion people to be fed there is a need for efficient industrial scale agriculture.

If you are interested here is the link to the Western Producer search results for glyphosates.


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