Poverty, economic growth and unconventional thinking

With the economic crisis there has been increasing inequality and increasing poverty.  Poverty is something we should be addressing.   I believe we should have a collective responsibility to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have a reasonably comfortable life – the same level as most other people.

Conventional thinking says we need economic growth to provide jobs and relieve poverty. This article is an example.

It may be poverty is now being caused by a situation we have not experienced in our collective memory and that unconventional thinking is required.

johnny_automatic_startled_bearsThe probable cause of the economic crisis is that we have used up most of the easily accessible energy, mineral and topsoil resources.  As it takes more work and energy to harvest the remaining resources further economic growth is difficult if not impossible.  We may even have to cope with negative growth.   Trying to force economic growth will only consume more resources and make things even worse.

Even if the resources for growth are available we have so much technology there really is not the need for everyone to be producing more.  Back in the Middle Ages there were three classes of people – those who prayed, those who fought and those who worked to support the first two.  These days it only takes a few people to produce the food to support those who fight and those who consume.

Therefore demanding that governments provide more jobs is not reasonable.  We have to find some other way of ensuring that everyone  has a comfortable life.  One proposal for doing this is in the essay “LETS go to market:: Dealing with the economic crisis” on this weblog.


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