A road trip

This guy has just returned from a road trip to the eastern side of Saskatchewan ( city of Yorkton) on the Canadian prairies.  Through the mountains the scenery is spectacular but in some ways the prairies are more interesting as there is more human activity and many degrees of flatness. (There are extensive vistas from some of the high spots.)

Once upon a time as a reporter in a British Columbia fruit-growing community I decided I did not want to be a farmer.  When I got to university and studied economics I reaffirmed this decision.   But I do believe agriculture is too important to leave to people who make their living at it.  As we drove there were many questions about what I saw but it is hard to get answer when traveling at 100 km per hour.

1-DSCF5710DSCF5728The most obvious change is in the size of farms.  There are many abandoned farms sites, each one probably representing a broken dream.  With this there has been a change in the style and size of the grain elevators.  The pictures are of the old and new styles.

Coming home we took a secondary road and found that the road less traveled is sometimes less well maintained.  Driving on broken pavement and lots of potholes can be stressful.  When budgets are tight  it’s the major roads that get the money.

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