My name is Art Powell.  I live on the side of a mountain 15 miles out of a small town in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada.  When people comment about how nice it is out here I ask them not to tell anyone else.

Quite a few years ago this guy read a book on the economics of money and banking. I was so fascinated with how money was created that when my first family broke up I went to university and did a degree in economics with an informal specialization in money and banking. While studying economics I started asking what are the ways in which human societies can organize the exchange of goods and service. To this end I took course in and have since read in economic history, economic anthropology and classical studies. These interests will be reflected in this blog.

7 Responses

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. I liked your comment on Economist Sept, 8, 2011 on “The great mismatch”.

  3. Mr Powell, we read your letter to the editor in the Okanagan Advertiser dated Aug 8

    • To finish our comment:

      Regarding your letter to the editor to support BC Hydro in their installation of smart meters, we have to disagree. We attended a public forum held in Enderby July 18 that gave a much broader explanation of what is happening. There is a three part video posted on You Tube that allows you to watch the presentation in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We highly recommend you watch the entire presentation to hear the real story. (CSTinBC on You Tube)

  4. i like the way you explain economics and the authors you quote. old stuff, I,l recommend it to my grand children too

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